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Will you invest all the money into debt now, even the equity portion?

Based on your goals, our models provide an ideal mix of equity and debt for each goal in order to meet the goal within the provided timeframe. We will invest your money into equity and debt accordingly. For customers in the initial phases, debt allocation will take place on Day 1 in its entirety. However, the equity allocation will be phased in. As markets are at extreme valuations, buying all of your equity allocation right now may be less efficient. We’ll allocate the money to stocks over a 2–6 month timeframe instead. Meanwhile, you will earn liquid fund returns on the unallocated money. Let’s see an example. Suppose your goals require you to have an equity/debt mix of 60/40. 40% of your money will be invested in debt instruments on Day 1. But your equity portion on Day 1 might be 20% and the remaining 40% will be parked in liquid funds. Gradually we will move the amount parked in liquid funds to equity (over 2–6 months). This method will change if the markets were to correct substantially.

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