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What fees do you charge and at what frequency?

We charge 1% of the money we manage. This is the Assets Under Management (AUM) fee, where we calculate your portfolio values every day, and charge you the 1% on the average assets over the year (so that’s 1%/365 per day). Including other charges, the total fee comes to just less than 1.4% of AUM in the first year and just under 1.3% in the subsequent years. Breakdown as follows:

Management fee — 1.00% (as mentioned above)

GST — 0.18%

Security Transaction tax — 0.12%

Brokerage (Zerodha) — 0.01%

Custodian charges (ICICI) — 0.04% – 0.05% (inclusive of transaction charges)

Other miscellaneous charges — up to 0.04%

The fees is charged on your account as per below :

Management fee — per quarter

GST — per quarter

Security Transaction Tax — per transaction

Brokerage — per transaction

Custodian charges — per quarter (along with management fee)

Other miscellaneous charges — mostly per quarter

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