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What fees do you charge and at what frequency?

Depending on the portfolio you are invested in, we charge 0.25% to 1% of the money we manage. This is the Assets Under Management (AUM) fee, where we calculate your portfolio values every day, and charge you the the fees on the average assets over the year. Including other charges, the total fee comes to just less than 0.4%  to 1.4% of AUM. 

Breakdown as follows:

Management fee —0.25 to 1.00% (as mentioned above)

GST — 0.18%

Security Transaction tax — 0.12%

Brokerage, Custodian and miscellaneous charges — 0.09 to 0.10%

The fees is charged on your account as per below :

Management fee — per quarter

GST — per quarter

Security Transaction Tax — per transaction

Brokerage — per transaction

Custodian charges — per quarter (along with management fee)

Other miscellaneous charges — mostly per quarter

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